2.5 Literacy & numeracy strategies

Know and understand literacy and numeracy teaching strategies and their application in teaching areas.

While there is a large emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills across all subject areas, and these can be witnessed in many ways shapes and forms, a few that I recall are:

Literacy Strategies:

  • Having students read a book of their choice for the first 10 minutes of an English lesson is supposed to foster a love of reading. I noticed a big difference in how the students read when it was a book that they had chosen themselves as opposed to reading something prescribed by the teacher.
  • I was fortunate enough to spend some time at the ‘Big Picture School’ which is an annex to Newcastle High School and is based on enquiry based learning. Students study particular subjects that interest them and the teacher or advisor creates an Individual Learning Plan around the subject area. To address the literacy section on the ILP the teacher is to prescribe 2 books to read over the term that has something to so with the subject matter they’re studying.


Numeracy Strategies:

  • In a Year 11 Engineering Studies subject at Newcastle High, the task was a technical drawing one and the students had to measure and draw up an orthogonal drawing of a rotor from a car. They were given vernier callipers, a tape measure and a metal rule. They could work individually or as a group to get the measurements and they were allowed a tolerance of +-1mm.  This was an excellent task to test their numeracy skills. Reading different instruments in itself presented a few problems for students and it was interesting to see how they approached taking the measurements.





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