2.3 Curriculum, assessment and reporting

Use curriculum, assessment and reporting knowledge to design learning sequences and lesson plans.

The Year 8 Design & Technology class that I took during my time at Bishop Tyrrell were given a task to design and create an animal inspired footstool. This project met the outcomes required for Year 8 Design & Technology syllabus.

When I arrived the students were just starting to make their footstool. For some of them, this was their first time in the workshop working with timber. I had to look at the construction steps and plan lessons so that they could step through each construction stage. The structure was that students would watch me do a demonstration for each step, marking, cutting etc, before returning to their benches to work on their own stool. I also had to be diligent with WHS as this task required the use of some machinery in the workshop and before the students could use the machines they had to complete an online safety test through a third party called ‘Onguard’. They had to show me that they had successfully completed the test and watched me do a demonstration so that I could deem them competent to use that piece of machinery. Below are a series of lesson plans to show the sequence with which the unit of work was undertaken.








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