7.3 Engage with parents/ carers

pexels-photo-largephone7.3.1 Understand strategies for working effectively, sensitively and confidentially with parents/carers

Throughout my practicums I have witnessed many ways in which schools communicate with parent/ carers. Communication involves one-way or two-way exchanges and can happen effectively in a variety of ways.

One-way Communication:

  • School newsletter to notify parents of upcoming events and school achievements
  • School reports
  • School website for general information about the school
  • Bishop Tyrrell do have a ‘diary’ communication method whereby teachers can write comments into the student’s physical diary and have it signed off by the parent/ carer once read.
  • SMS is also a popular way of notification

Two-way Communication:

  • In my experience, email communication is still a popular method of communication. This is either done directly or through the LMS. Keeping copies of correspondence could at times prove to be very valuable.
  • Some teachers still prefer to pick up the phone to parents as they see it as personal and instant, especially where matters of student welfare are concerned.
  • Parent teacher information nights are a great way to meet parents and discuss student progress
  • School based community activities
  • Fundraisers
  • Sporting events such as swimming/sports carnivals where parent involvement is encouraged

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