5.2 Provide feedback to students on their learning

Demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of providing timely and appropriate feedback to students about their learning

In practical subjects such as TAS subjects, demonstrations are an important teaching strategy. From the demonstration, students are then encouraged to go away and have a go at doing what they saw in the demonstration on their own work.

In a recent D&T practical lesson, Year 8 students had to mark out 2 stopped housing joints into their timber. The marking of the timber alone required around 10 steps. In this lesson I learnt the importance of providing timely feedback to the students about what they had just learnt because by the time I got around to checking how the students were progressing, not only had some of them marked their first joint incorrectly but had gone ahead and marked their second one incorrectly also. This is a waste of valuable practical time.

On reflection, the strategy that I will employ for the next practical lesson where the students need to ‘cut’ their stopped housing joints, will be to instruct the students to mark out only 1 of their stopped housing joints and then bring them to me for inspection. It is at this time that I can provide the student with adequate feedback and critique them is necessary. Once the students have cut one joint correctly they will be given the OK to go ahead and cut their second joint.


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