2.6 Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ipad-tablet-technology-touch-large2.6.1 Implement teaching strategies for using ICT to expand curriculum learning opportunities for students

All places of work in Australia are covered by legislation designed to ensure that employees are kept safe whilst at work. In a school, the workshops such as the Commercial Kitchen, Woodwork room and Metalwork room are considered to be places of work and fall under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation. A requirement of this legislation is the provision of correct training in the safe use of the workshop and the tools and equipment within.

Bishop Tyrrell along with many other schools use an online program called ‘On-guard’. This program not only allows teachers to create class lists but also to assign the relevant safety tests the students need to complete in order to use certain tools and workplaces for that class.

The system is also convenient for students as it allows them to log in using an individual username and password and complete the safety tests. They are able to do this on their own device and at their own pace.

This is an excellent system to keep records of WHS up to date. This specific use of ICT helps expand students learning opportunities because without having completed the tests, the student would not be able to partake in the practical component of the lesson.

Here is a sample of what a class list on ‘OnGuard’ looks like:




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