1.6 Strategies to support full participation of students with disabilities


1.6.1 Demonstrate broad knowledge and understanding of legislative requirements and teaching strategies that support participation and learning of students with disability

Before taking a year 8 Design & Technology class I was mindful to look at the class roll using Bishop Tyrrell’s Learning Management System (LMS) to see if there were any students in the class who required learning support. There was one student on the list who had a red triangle next to his name which indicated that there was an Individual Education Program (IEP) in place for him.

Knowing that I would be doing a demonstration in the next class on marking and cutting timber, I was aware that this particular student may find the task challenging.

A strategy that I used to assist this student in this particular task (without making it too obvious to the rest of the class) was to take note of the bench that he chose to sit at when we entered the workshop. I took my materials to that bench and called everyone around to do the demonstration. This ensured that he was front and centre to watch the demonstration and then when everyone was dismissed back to their benches to mark and cut their timber, I could stay where I was and offer assistance. It gave me a chance to check for understanding and get the student started. I found this works very well and will continue to do this in the future.


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