6.3 Engage with colleagues and improve practice


3.2.1 Seek and apply constructive feedback from supervisors and teachers to improve teaching practices.

During my 5 week practicum at Lambton High School, I was continually given feedback from my mentoring teacher as well as other staff in the Industrial Arts area. While the thought of getting feedback on your teaching style is daunting, I actually found it very valuable. I was able to take the advice that was given to me and change my style or approach, be it in managing classroom behaviour or delivering the content to get a better outcome.

Below are two of the lesson observation feedback sheets that I received from my mentoring teacher for a Yr 8 Electronics class. As you can see, he has noted both positives and negatives which gave me both the confidence to move forward as well as the ability to look at areas for improvement.

Lesson Ob Feedback 25.5.16

Lesson Ob Feedback 06.05.16

Another source amongst the school where I felt I learned from my colleagues was during their staff meetings held once a fortnight on a Wednesday afternoon. After the initial ‘school business’ announcements, different faculties took turns in holding small presentations to enlighten the rest of the staff on something that they felt could benefit all staff school wide. I was able to attend 2 of these while I was there and it was the English department who presented. Both presentations were short and concise but very valuable to someone who is not from the English department and would like to improve my knowledge to best help the students.

The first presentation was on ‘Transition words and phrases’ and how to get students to write in longer sentences and flow into new topics, and the second was on using ‘High Modality’ in our writing. The English staff noted this as an issue and flagged it as an problem that once overcome, could push a lot of students up to a higher band for their HSC.

Attached a two of the worksheet we did in the staff meetings on these topics, which I personally got a lot out of and in turn, will improve my teaching practices.

Transition words worksheet

Modality worksheet





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