4.1 Support student participation


4.1.1 Identify strategies to support inclusive student participation and engagement in classroom activities

I think it is imperative that teachers be all inclusive in the classroom and fully support student participation. This can only happen if the student has a good relationship with the teacher. One of mutual respect.

It is up to the teacher to create a safe environment for the students, one where collaboration and teamwork is encouraged. Some of the best and most productive classes I taught was due to the excellent camaraderie of the group. I know that these students were not hanging out together on the playground, but inside the workshop, they felt they were a team, and that was brilliant to see. The more capable students would be helping the less able students and this made for very productive lessons.

Being culturally aware is also important to keep in mind when talking about inclusivity. Being mindful of the cultures and backgrounds of students so that you show respect and make appropriate anecdotes etc. An example of this on a practical level is the need for leather shoes to participate in a practical class. Knowing that some of the students at the school I was at come from low socio economic backgrounds, we did have a cupboard of loan shoes so that students could still participate.

I feel it’s very important for teachers to encourage and support their students, and in turn participation and inclusivity will ensue.


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