3.7 Engage parents/carers in the educative process


3.7.1 Describe a broad range of strategies for involving parents/ carers in the educative process.

There were a few ways in which the staff were able to involve the parents or carers in the educative process.

I was fortunate enough to sit in on year 11 & 12 parent teacher interviews. The faculty made comments about how TAS subjects generally don’t have many appointments because they’re elective subjects and usually only parents will want interviews with the ‘core 3’ subjects being Maths, English & Science. I did witness this on the evening with the TAS Faculty having only a handful of appointments while parents and carers were lined up for the ‘Core 3’.

All teachers in Industrial Arts agreed that it was a shame that more parents didn’t make the time to see the elective subjects because sometimes this is where students who struggle with the more ‘academic’ subjects excel – and it would be nice to share this.

It was interesting listening to the feedback that was given to the parents on the night. The parents that I witnessed mainly seemed concerned about the general behaviour of their children and wanted to check that they were not falling behind or struggling to understand the concepts.

Other ways in which the parents/ carers were involved was their access to the ‘Sentral’ school database. Parents could log on and read the daily notices. They could also contact teachers directly and vice versa. This is a good system where the parents can choose to be involved as much or as little as they like.

Phone calls home still tend to be the most direct course of action if there is a problem with the student. However, I was surprised, now that every student has a mobile phone, how many students chose to call home first to explain their side of things. It was in interesting observation that I felt often put the teacher on the back foot.


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