3.4 Select and use resources


3.4.1 Demonstrate knowledge of a range of resources, including ICT, that engage students in their learning

A resource that I used in a year 10 wood work class that engaged the students in their learning was Google SketchUp.

This was chosen because it not only interests the students, but it is a practical tool for a practical subject like wood work. The students had designed a cabinet and before we embarked on making this, I thought it would be a good idea for them to model it up on the computer in 3D. This gives them a chance to see if the measurements that they’ve come up with, will in fact, look like they think it will in real life. They can check the scale and proportions are right and potentially change them if required before they start cutting their timber.

With the other year 10 class that didn’t do this, I could see that they were surprised by some of their cabinet proportions when they started assembling them, with comments such as “it’s skinnier that I thought it would be….” or “its a cabinet for midgets!”.

Google SketchUp is also a fantastic resource for students because it is free to download. This is an important point to make. Students can download this at home and continue on with any work started at home. This tool will be beneficial to them in the future if they continue choosing practical and creative based electives.

Below is the lesson plan from my yr 10 wood class along with an example of a students work.

LessonPlan – SketchUp


I think it’s important to note that resources that engage students in their learning doesn’t necessarily mean its something that the student engages with directly. My mentoring teacher went to great lengths to find a ‘project’ that he thought would be fun, engaging and appropriate for his year 8 electronics class.

He found a company ‘Scorpio Technology’ that supply schools (both primary and secondary) with a wide range of Technology kits. These kits have been designed by teachers for their own class-work, with the aim of providing a stimulating and meaningful learning experience.

The particular project that was chosen for the year 8 class was called ‘Marks Monster’. This is essentially a small vehicle that responds to a hand held control unit. Once made, there are a whole host of games and activities that can be played with the vehicles.

This is definitely a resource that I will take away with me as I felt it was perfect for engaging the students in electronics!

MarksMonster Project




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