2.4 Understand and respect Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people to promote reconciliation between Indigenous & non-Indigenous Australians


2.4.1 Demonstrate broad knowledge of, understanding of and respect for Aboriginal  and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and languages.

My mentoring teacher asked me to incorporate an ATSI focus into my Year 10 Wood work class planning. At the time we had just finished learning about Orthogonal or ‘working’ drawings, and we were going to sketch our cabinets up using the 3D software Google SketchUp before we started physically making the cabinet.

I thought this was a good point to include an ATSI focus, so embarked on a discussion during our computer class. After watching me do a demontraion on the board, which took all of 10 minutes,  we saw the cabinet come to life in 3 dimensional form with timber finishings and all.

The Discussion went something like this:

I asked the students to reflect on the resources available to us today. Isn’t is amazing that we can model something up in such a short timeframe to check for errors before making the cabinets?

These resources have not always been around. What do you think the first land owners of our country did for furnishings and how do you think they constructed them?

I asked students to think of some (or imagine some) of the first furnishings that would have been made using minimal tools and resources.

Reflect on, and have an appreciation for their resourcefullness and creativity. They often used multiple timbers and various stains they sources themselves from the bush.

The lesson: don’t be scared to think outside the square, be resourceful and creative. You may want to think about adding something to your cabinet that gives it that personal touch. Maybe something that reflects your culture!

I think woodwork had a lot of scope for ATSI focus areas because of the nature of the subject. Using natural resources such as timber allows for association and relevance

Below is a lesson  plan of the the Google SketchUp lesson

LessonPlan – SketchUp




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