2.2 Content selection & organisation


2.2.1 Organise content into an effective learning and teaching sequence

Knowing how much content to deliver at one time was definitely a learning curve on my first prac. All of the subjects that I taught had a practical element to them that required demonstrations. It was a matter of assessing the class and their capabilities, then walking them through a portion of the information, but just enough that I thought they could cope with to successfully progress onto the next step.

This was certainly the case with my Year 8 Electronics class. We started a unit of work called ‘Marks Monster’ which is essentially a hand held remote control vehicle. We chose to start with he hand held control unit and we decided because of the cost and resources available that this would be made from timber.

To get the students started on this, I created a worksheet which showed how the control unit should be constructed. It had an empty cutting list on the page, which as a group we went through on the board, and the students wrote the answers down.

I found this worksheet to be a good reference point for the students and when they were up to next construction step they could refer to the sheet.

Yr 8 Electronics Hand Held Control Unit

This learning sequence seemed to be effective as the students moved at their own pace but had a reference point to go to rather than a visual demonstration that they had to remember.

The following steps would be adding the switches, mounting the batteries, making the base and adding the components. All of this would be done in a similar fashion.

MarksMonster Project 



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