1.2 Understand how students learn


1.2.1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of research into how students learn and the implications for teaching

I have had to research how students learn in various forms throughout my University degree thus far. There are two subjects that I have taken that I feel have given me the best knowledge (so far) into how students learn and how to teach them to maximise their learning.

The first subject was ‘Effective Communication in the Classroom’, and I have attached an assignment that I did that delved into various theories on different types of learning.

We looked at Problem Based Learning, Information processing, focused and diffuse modes of thinking as well as general and specific transfer of knowledge. This should demonstrate my understanding of research done into what is possibly the basis of why we should teach in a certain way.


The other subject of interest was ‘The Inclusive Classroom’ and I feel that this subject really looked at different theories on the ‘HOW’ to teach to get the best results for  our students. In part B of this particular assignment I have attached, it had a main focus on how thinking focused questions promote Higher Order Thinking, and why that is so important.

This is something that I thought about a lot while on was on my prac and when organising lessons or activities. Trying to get the students involved and answering open questions on a higher level.





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